A word about me and The Earth Work Cosmetics...
I have always been interested in natural ways of life and so when I became pregnant with my first child I started to take notice of what I was putting inside my body and what I was applying to my skin. This inspired me to start reading and researching about the benefits of natural products. In doing so, I found that a lot of beauty products refer to ‘natural’, but many of the products included were actually chemical based.
The importance of going ‘Natural without Compromise’
You may know that our skin is the largest organ of our body. Our skin absorbs up to 60% of what we put onto our bodies. This is why people find nicotine patches, pain killer cream and anti-inflammatory gels so effective for example. When this information was first shared with me, it had a really profound impact and on how I view skin care products, for myself, my children, and my family and friends and those I really care about. It inspired me to find a product that was natural, didn’t include chemical based products, and was of good quality and affordable to me. Let’s just say that I struggled to find something that ticked all of those boxes.
Like my Nanna always told me ‘If you want a job done well, do it yourself’
So, I had a go at making my own products...my friends and family who I shared these with kept telling me how I seemed to have a ‘natural’ talent and flare for combining natural ingredients. They kept telling me that I needed to do something about it so that more and more people could benefit from my fun experiments and concoctions in my kitchen.
Taking the plunge...
My husband and I started to think about whether we could create our own home grown business. There were so many challenges to think about. Working and having 2 young children meant that there were risks and difficulties to work through, but we took the plunge and here we are!
Approaching a year into our natural cosmetic company, ‘The Earth Works Cosmetics’ we have already achieved so much...
  • Our beautiful packaging is credit to my husband who has much creative experience in product design and labelling
  • The December 2013 issue of ‘Natural Health Magazine’ featured our ‘Grapefruit Facial Exfoliator’ as number one of the five best exfoliators on the current market.
  • Positive testimonials from customers who have purchased our products
  • Supplying our ‘professional range’ to local beauty therapists who use The Earth Works Cosmetics for their most loved and indulgent treatments
  • Having an ever growing loyal customer base who keep coming back because they tell us that our hand made natural skin care products not only give great results but also make them feel so good
  • We make all of our lovely products at home, with our very own hands
We hope this list just keeps growing and growing...

Kind to your skin without expense to others or animals
In keeping with our ethos of care, we avoid cruelty of any kind. We want to offer products that are natural, affordable and do not compromise on quality. So our products are not only kind to your skin, but are also kind to your purse. We avoid cruelty by not using any animal based ingredients (including bees), and none of the products have been tested on animals. We have only tested on our very willing family and friends!!
Looking good because you feel good
The Earth Works Cosmetics aim to make natural products which are beneficial to your skin and help our customers to feel good. In browsing through our wide range of products you will notice that they include natural ingredients which are known for their cleansing, nourishing and regenerative properties. The aromas of our products come from floral, earthy and citrus essential oils. All of this contributes to the uplifting experience when using The Earth Works Cosmetics.  
I am always happy to hear from customers and happy to answer any questions you may have so please feel free to get in touch.